CES Whitsun camp during Easter 2019

Dear friends of CES,
Are you ready for a new camp and adventure? Have a look at the Film and come to find out at the CES Whitsun camp! Every two years a member of the CES organizes the Whitsun camp. In 2019 it will be organized by FSE-Nederland. Pay attention: this time the Whitsun camp is during Easter!


The duration of the camp will be from Friday the 19th of April till Monday the 22nd of April. The opening of the camp will be on Friday evening.


The camp will be held at ‘Scoutcentrum Achter de Berg’ in Nistelrode, The Netherlands.
The full address details are:
Scoutcentrum Achter de Berg
Achter de Berg 14-16
5388 TS Nistelrode

Achter de Berg is a campsite designed exclusively for scouts. You can find more information about the campsite at http://www.achterdeberg.nl.

How to get there?

If you travel by car to the campsite:
Please use Google Maps to find the best way to the campsite from your starting point. You can find it here: https://goo.gl/maps/VYjuzaDqsKD2

If you want to fly to the Netherlands:
The closest airport is Eindhoven airport, which is about 40 km from the campsite.


For cubs, scouts, and rovers there will be an excellent program. Most of the activities will be organized around our theme. Of course, the central part of the camp is camping with and spending time together with scouts from other European countries.

Camp equipment and food

Every scout should bring (if possible) his/her tent and camping equipment. The organizational team will provide the meals and drinks.

Price of the camp

The price of the camp will be 39 euros per participant. Included in this price are your stay at the campsite, food and drink (coffee, tea, syrup, lemonade) and activities. Your travel to the campsite, your favourite candy, evening drinks in the bar and personal insurances are not included.


Every group or individual participant must take care of his/her own health insurance and travel insurance.


You will find here a link to the application form for the Whitsun camp during Easter 2019. Try to send your application form before Christmas 2018.


The payment of 39 euros per participant should be paid to our bank:
IBAN: NL82ABNA0533939755
Holder: FSE-Nederland in Zoetermeer

More information

If you have any questions feel free to contact us via whitsuncamp@fse-nederland.nl.

Privacy statement

To read the full privacy statement follow this link. By submitting the form you agree with FSE-Nederland to collect your data and use it for preparations of the Whitsun camp.

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